You are able to track the processing of your ORDERS and REQUESTS. Set the time filter for the period of time you  want to get information concerning you ORDER or REQUEST at the top right of the page. A month period is set by DEFAULT for your convenience.

You will see the following processing cycles:

PLACED ORDERS - information on all orders.

CONFIRMED ORDERS - orders being processed and preliminary confirmation for delivery by the SUPPLIER.

IN STOCK - Goods available in stock.

READY FOR SHIPMENT - Goods ready to leave our warehouse.

SHIPPED - Goods left our warehouse for your destination or for the warehouse of your cargo company.

REJECTED - Either the order is rejected by a supplier or not available in our stock. You can reorder the item at a later period of time. Be aware - the item can be rejected even after your order confirmation. It happens, when the item is bought by another customer before your order is placed.